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Instead of banging on about what I did this year, I’m looking back to what we did. This was without doubt the absolute highlight, and has filled me with a toasty-warm feeling of pride and optimism ever since.

In the weeks that followed the Grenfell Tower fire in June, I heard about the work that the community art therapists were doing with traumatised, bereaved and distressed children and families. Behind this modest door, amazing things were happening.


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I was shocked to discover that these hugely skilled and committed professionals had only scarce and inadequate art materials at their disposal. I knew I wanted to donate; would anyone like chip in? The response was overwhelming.




I only wish I could have taken better pics, or have x-ray specs on my camera.
All across – and underneath – my kitchen table filled up many times over. I only stopped when we hadn’t got anywhere to sit and had to eat our meals standing up. Dear pals, and strangers, stepped up with incredible generosity and love. Thousands of pounds were spent on art materials of professional quality, careful and thoughtful choices, a riot of colour. What do you give people who don’t have very much? You give them the BEST.




I delivered ten – TEN! – of these huge boxes. We were able to furnish another group working with adolescents and adults, too.


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So, the biggest and most heartfelt thank you to:

Amos, Pegasus Art Shop, Sarah, Lucy, Julie, Anna, Ottie and the Bea Bookshop, Steven, Damyanti, Catherine, Walker Books, Kirstie, Anne, Yasmin, Paperchase, Lorna, Sez, Frankie, Becky, Cathy, Viv, Chris, Maryanne, Win, Jane, Georgia, Becca, Sarah and Rachel.

You are forever my heroes!