I am proud to present the very first ‘proper’ length books that I’ve written myself.

Dot, together with best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky, creates her very own detective agency, the Join The Dots Detectives. There is no mystery, however fiendishly tricky, that they cannot solve. There are secret codes to decipher, clues to unravel, pieces of the jigsaw to put together.

Dot is a refreshing sort of heroine. She is mathsy and sporty, she can eat three super-sour apple sherbets at once, and she loves a puzzle – the trickier the better. She also has a stationery obsession bordering on severe.

And then there’s McClusky. He’s a cheeky rough-coated Jack Russell with a great liking for big sticks and pink wafers. Many a mystery would be a hopeless case without him sniffing out the vital clues.

Dotty Detective
Harper Collins Children’s Books Jan 2016

Dotty Detective Pawprint Puzzle
Harper Collins Children’s Books July 2016

Dotty Detective Midnight Mystery
Harper Collins Children’s Books Jan 2017

Dotty Detective The Lost Puppy
Harper Collins Children’s Books July 2017

Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise
Harper Collins Children’s Books Jan 2018

‘Clara Vulliamy has created endearing characters who are really appealing to children. Who could resist the wonderfully inquisitive Dot, with her sense of adventure and her knack for getting caught up in the most intriguing of mysteries? Dot’s family are slightly chaotic and funny: her mischievous twin brothers who have a fondness for getting into trouble and her mum who is always convinced they will be late for everything.

Both children and parents will appreciate the warmth and humour which shines out from this series. I especially love that the books are an interesting mixture of diary entries, doodles and pictures. You really feel that you are getting a sneak peek into Dot’s real-life notebook. The illustrations are lively, witty and full of energy. For me, it is the portrayal of McClusky – whose brilliant expressions are marvellously captured by Clara – that really steals the show.’ 


‘A great book! I like how the words are written in different styles and how the pictures were created… it’s an amazing book to read!’ 

Bethany aged 8


‘I really like the style of writing as it’s written like a diary with funny writing and pictures telling what Dotty gets up to each day. I would offer to lend this book to any of my friends as it’s really good.’ 

Bethany aged 8

Cassandra aged 6, LoveReading4Kids