This is Muffin

the yummiest small brown bear.
A range of books for pre-schoolers, with proper stories and a lot of heart. Muffin’s world is warm, sweet and appealing – the book equivalent of home-made cakes and nice surprises in stripy paper bags!

Muffin and the Birthday Surprise

Muffin sets off for his friends’ birthday party with a delicious present – a large bag of sugar buns. But on the way there’s a bit of an unfortunate incident…

(alas it’s SO easily done!)
When it’s time to give presents, Muffin faces a tricky situation.

I love this moment in the story, and must admit that when I was writing it I was as stumped as Muffin was, wondering how on earth he was going to sort it out. We looked at each other with this matching expression for some time.

Muffin and the Expedition

Muffin goes on a HUGE adventure, quite possibly as far as the bottom of the garden, in search of a very special place.

But when he gets there he finds out, as we all know, that the really special place is where your friends are.

There are also two new novelty books for tiny tots to enjoy:

Muffin: Hide and Seek

Muffin: Bedtime Cuddles

Published by Orchard Books