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Dixie O’Day




The first ever collaboration between Clara and her mum, Shirley Hughes.

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Martha and the Bunny Brothers




pure bottled sunshine – for happy bunnies everywhere
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Bubble & Squeak



with James Mayhew

A tale of friendship, drama and strawberry bonbons.

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the yummiest small brown bear

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Lucky Wish Mouse



Lucky Wish Mouse looks after the Ten Tinies in their teapot home with a chocolate-box bed: adventures served with a tiny portion of mouse magic

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The Bear With Sticky Paws



There’s a bear on the doorstep, a small white tufty one, standing on his suitcase to reach the bell…
fasten your seat belts as chaos and naughtiness follow in these four sticky-pawed romps!

This book looks delicious (Philip Pullman)

The feeling of a classic (The Sunday Times)


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Published by Orchard Books