black and white #5

    My last black and white illustration - of this batch - to show. Look out for this fine chap in Picking Pickle! I don't know what the things I love to draw have in common. Whether it's a baby or a Great Dane or a Chevrolet Corvette, they probably all smell bad and...

Dotty Detective day three

introducing Beans and McClusky Meet Dot’s best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky, fellow members of the Join The Dots Detectives. This is the contents of Beans’ shoebox of treasures.     The least said about his PE prowess the better, but Beans is funny, loyal and brilliantly inventive. His homemade periscope is very cool...

Happir World Tapir Day!

Bambang and family...   To celebrate this momentous day in the calendar, Polly and I can reveal the title and cover proof of the third book in the Mango & Bambang series. (more…)

Dotty Detective day two

introducing Dot   Dot is a refreshing sort of heroine. She is mathsy and sporty, she can eat three super-sour apple sherbets at once, and she loves a puzzle – the trickier the better. She has a strong sense of justice and of doing the right thing. I like her especially for being open, up-beat,...

Introducing Dotty Detective!

day one   Only a few days to go now until the arrival of Dotty Detective, published by Harper Collins Children's Books on May 5th. A proud moment. It’s the first ‘proper’ length story – the first in a series - that I’ve written myself. I didn’t know I could do it, but I had...

Mango & Bambang Tapir All at Sea #5

PUBLICATION DAY! On World Book Day, too - the happiest of days! In Tapir All at Sea, most of all, there is Mango and there is Bambang, the very best of friends. And there is a seemingly constant supply of banana pancakes, too, so that's all good.     Happy Book Birthday, dear Mango, Bambang...

Mango & Bambang Tapir All at Sea #3

countdown gallery of drawings In Tapir All at Sea there not enough days in the week to wear ALL the hats...     (not to mention a knitted snout-cosy)    

Mango & Bambang Tapir All at Sea #1

countdown gallery of drawings   There are only five days to go until the publication of Tapir All at Sea, the second book in the Mango & Bambang series. Available here from your local independent bookshop! Polly has written the most glorious stories imaginable, with emotions running high and huge laughs to savour. So confident am...


  Gosh I haven't been here for ages! *puts the hoover round, throws open the shutters* It's been a very busy month, working on not one nor two but THREE books... drawing the finished artwork for the third in the Mango & Bambang series with Polly Faber, writing the second in my young fiction Dotty Detective...

happy christmas!

  This year Bambang is turning on the sunny side up Christmas lights. Put on your paper hat and join us for a nibble of Quality Street and some party games!     Thank you for the friendship, support and laughs in 2015. Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you on the other side! xx...

Mango and Bambang 2

Tapir All at Sea   So here it is - Merry Christmas! Except it isn't a Christmas book, I must impatiently wait until next March, but my first copy has just arrived which felt a lot like an early present, and couldn't you just warm your hands on that festive red? (more…)

Dixie, Beryl, Beryl and Rosie

  I think it is no longer a secret that the next Dixie O'Day story involves cycling. I've just looked through the artwork and totted up 97 different images of bicycles; some bigger, smaller and better than others, but as they are universally acknowledged to be fiendishly tricky to draw I am quite proud of...

Dixie and Percy’s spooky Halloween

    In The Haunted House... A long passage lit by flickering candles... Dixie and Percy both had the very uncomfortable feeling that the eyes of the paintings were following them, or was it just a trick of the light? Quick quick - jump into the four-poster and pull up the covers!     Thank...


my very own young fiction series   It's always A Sign when I buy a themed new notebook, pens and pencil case. I'm all about the grave and important things, me. (more…)

Dixie and the Haunted House

spooky thrills for Halloween!   Only ten days to go until publication! Your whiskers will be all-atremble when you open the pages of this latest Dixie adventure. Would you go on a camping trip with our dashing duo? Listen to Percy playing a few tunes on the ukulele by the camp fire? Dare to see what...

Mango and Bambang

only one week to go!   Mango and Bambang The Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber and me, is published on September 3rd, one week today. The waiting is nearly over. (more…)

thank you from Mum

for your wonderful letters...   Mum was so touched - and utterly amazed - to read the letters you so kindly wrote to her on the occasion of her Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award. They are now stowed safely in the cupboard of her most precious belongings (next to Dogger in his retirement box, which seems...

Bambang out and about

  I do love a model village (well there's a surprise), so what better place could there be to take Bambang on his first ever trip out than Wimborne Model Town. He could wander happily along the little streets that were just the right size for him, look in through the window at Woolworths...  ...

off on my hols!

  Packing my bucket and spade for a little holiday, featuring ice creams, paddling and banana pancakes... But just also to say, last night - on her 88th birthday no less - I gave my Mum the book of all the wonderful, remarkable letters left on the post below. I won't say too much now or...

my amazing mum

Shirley Hughes wins the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award   Read the announcement from Book Trust here Read the lovely interview with Emily Drabble of The Guardian here The word proud doesn't begin to do it justice. I'm also the last person who should be saying why she is such a worthy winner - I...