Dotty Detective The Holiday Mystery

  Pink heart jazzies all round - Dotty Detective is back on the case with a brand new adventure, The Holiday Mystery! Dot and her family and Beans and his dad are all going on holiday to the Sunny Glades campsite by the seaside.     They make a new...

Picking Pickle

    We're back! What better way to welcome the spring. May I present Picking Pickle, a new picture book to be published by Pavilion Books in June - written by Polly Faber and illustrated by me. We've been yelping excitedly in the wings for a long time on...

black and white #1

    This week I'll be sharing some of things I love to draw. Illustrating fiction in black and white is the greatest happiness. Because dress it up all you like and the deliciousness of colour notwithstanding, it's the line that underpins it all, the heart...

Mango & Bambang Superstar Tapir

    Out now in paperback - in sunset-orange foil and it is SHINY!     Although people who know me might suspect that for my orange-y accents......

Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise

  Put on your party hats – Dot and the gang are back with a brand new story! Dot is hugely excited about her birthday (although not half as excited as their teacher Mr Dickens is about HIS). There are present lists to write, invitations to make…     But...

blog ramblings

black and white #4

    Cars and trains and boats and planes... I've been a Mr Toad (poop poop) for as long as I can remember. Not just cars: basically if you can get in it and go from A to B it's a YES PLEASE from me!      

Mango and Bambang

and World Tapir Day!   Polly and I have lots of lovely things to tell you about. At last we can introduce you to our... read more

from my desk this week

and a petition against parades...   This week I'm cracking on with book two of the young fiction series I am collaborating in with Polly... read more

hat box

  We made an impulse spring purchase today, two hat boxes. Such a satisfying shape. I put ribbons in mine...     what would you... read more

Happy Easter!

Martha's Easter cake...   Made by human Martha, my daughter, that is - not bunny ears Martha. (more…) read more

Easter colouring picture

with love from Martha x   Here’s Martha Monty and Pip, making pancakes and biscuits and generally larking around… just waiting for you to colour... read more

Up Up and Away – quiz!

when you have read the book...   you can answer this question... When Percy was small he had only one Forest Folk Fellowship badge. What did... read more

Up Up and Away!

Dixie is airborne at last...   Up Up and Away! It's finally here - Dixie and Percy's third thrilling adventure! Hurry down to the Airshow... read more

James, Shirley, Polly and me

author-illustrator collaborations...   I've been thinking a lot about the very special pairing of author and illustrator since posting on it a little while ago. Though... read more

World Book Week

my best bits...   It’s been a very busy whistle-stop tour of schools and events. A huge special thank you to the Highgate Scientific and... read more

Dixie’s phone

  It's all gone very high tech in Didsworth as Dixie finally has a mobile phone. (more…) read more

Highgate event

on Saturday February 28th   I'll be starting my busy World Book Week in style. It's a great honour to be the guest at the... read more

writers and illustrators

 from the illustrator's point of view...   This week I'll be be posting about the creative chemistry of this most special relationship in children's books,... read more

Dixie and the Great Diamond Robbery

now out in paperback!   Dixie, Percy, Peaches Miaow; diamonds, cat burglars, getaway cars, caves at midnight, afternoon teas; games, maps, quizzes. Dixie O'Day and... read more

Happy New Year!

  Hoping it’s a really good one. I couldn’t post anything Christmassy because there were so many hits on my post about Polly and me... read more

Polly and me

have NEWS to tell!   All this year I've had a secret under my hat, and at last I can share it. (more…) read more

Dixie at Pickled Pepper Books

tomorrow!   Dixie, Percy and me are packing our things to visit Pickled Pepper Books in North London for some very special christmas-y fun, tomorrow... read more

deerstalkers and bobbles…

warm hats for Dixie and Percy!   By seasonal coincidence the artwork on my drawing board this week sees Dixie and Percy all wrapped up in warm... read more


and a sentimental afternoon...   Today I had a huge sort out of our enormous library of family books, now that our children are grown up.... read more

Halloween with Dixie

and the ghost of Didsworth Hall...   A Halloween sleepover at Dixie's house. Percy is scaring himself witless reading the tale of the ghost of Didsworth Hall,... read more

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