Dotty Detective The Holiday Mystery

  Pink heart jazzies all round - Dotty Detective is back on the case with a brand new adventure, The Holiday Mystery! Dot and her family and Beans and his dad are all going on holiday to the Sunny Glades campsite by the seaside.     They make a new...

Picking Pickle

    We're back! What better way to welcome the spring. May I present Picking Pickle, a new picture book to be published by Pavilion Books in June - written by Polly Faber and illustrated by me. We've been yelping excitedly in the wings for a long time on...

black and white #1

    This week I'll be sharing some of things I love to draw. Illustrating fiction in black and white is the greatest happiness. Because dress it up all you like and the deliciousness of colour notwithstanding, it's the line that underpins it all, the heart...

Mango & Bambang Superstar Tapir

    Out now in paperback - in sunset-orange foil and it is SHINY!     Although people who know me might suspect that for my orange-y accents......

Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise

  Put on your party hats – Dot and the gang are back with a brand new story! Dot is hugely excited about her birthday (although not half as excited as their teacher Mr Dickens is about HIS). There are present lists to write, invitations to make…     But...

blog ramblings

black and white #5

    My last black and white illustration - of this batch - to show. Look out for this fine chap in Picking Pickle! I don't know what the things I love to draw have in common. Whether it's a baby or a Great Dane or a Chevrolet Corvette, they...

Happir World Tapir Day!

Bambang and family...   To celebrate this momentous day in the calendar, Polly and I can reveal the title and cover proof of the third book... read more

Dotty Detective day two

introducing Dot   Dot is a refreshing sort of heroine. She is mathsy and sporty, she can eat three super-sour apple sherbets at once, and... read more


  Gosh I haven't been here for ages! *puts the hoover round, throws open the shutters* It's been a very busy month, working on not... read more

happy christmas!

  This year Bambang is turning on the sunny side up Christmas lights. Put on your paper hat and join us for a nibble of... read more

Mango and Bambang 2

Tapir All at Sea   So here it is - Merry Christmas! Except it isn't a Christmas book, I must impatiently wait until next March, but... read more


my very own young fiction series   It's always A Sign when I buy a themed new notebook, pens and pencil case. I'm all about the... read more

Dixie and the Haunted House

spooky thrills for Halloween!   Only ten days to go until publication! Your whiskers will be all-atremble when you open the pages of this latest Dixie... read more

Mango and Bambang

only one week to go!   Mango and Bambang The Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber and me, is published on September 3rd, one week today. The... read more

thank you from Mum

for your wonderful letters...   Mum was so touched - and utterly amazed - to read the letters you so kindly wrote to her on the... read more

Bambang out and about

  I do love a model village (well there's a surprise), so what better place could there be to take Bambang on his first ever... read more

off on my hols!

  Packing my bucket and spade for a little holiday, featuring ice creams, paddling and banana pancakes... But just also to say, last night -... read more

my amazing mum

Shirley Hughes wins the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award   Read the announcement from Book Trust here Read the lovely interview with Emily Drabble of... read more


showcasing two young artists...   You may remember this, in Dixie and the Great Diamond Robbery - a call out for young artists to design... read more

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