Pink heart jazzies all round – Dotty Detective is back on the case with a brand new adventure, The Holiday Mystery!

Dot and her family and Beans and his dad are all going on holiday to the Sunny Glades campsite by the seaside.



They make a new friend in Poppy, the teenager in charge of campsite café The Nook (vintage caravan heaven), who has turquoise hair and makes the best warm mini doughnuts in the whole world.



But when calamity strikes and things start to go missing from The Nook, can The Join the Dots Detectives solve their trickiest case yet?

McClusky is packing his new deckchair and bucket and spade and we are off on tour for a week, bringing this new story to hundreds of young Dotty fans. We will be talking about how to write the perfect detective story, making fiendishly unbreakable secret codes and discussing the highly important question of our favourite ice cream.

Cannot wait to meet the next generation of ace detectives!