In 2017 Mary Plain returned in style!
You can read more about her journey – and mine – here.
Four books were published (looking so smart and beautiful – Egmont really did us proud!), meringues were eaten, rosettes were worn.


IMG_E2563 (1)


Mary made new friends (who did a tremendous job at drawing her – check out this fine example!),




and was reunited with old friends too. I was beside myself with happiness to be given my very own Mary carved out of wood, made for me by unusual first class Rose Brown. She lives on my desk and we have a little chat every morning (Mary, not Rose – I WISH).




Just look at her little face! Perfection.




What a year it has been, the most joyful culmination of a much cherished childhood wish.
This calls for a parade; Mary would expect nothing less.




Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 14.35.07