countdown gallery of drawings



There are only five days to go until the publication of Tapir All at Sea, the second book in the Mango & Bambang series. Available here from your local independent bookshop!

Polly has written the most glorious stories imaginable, with emotions running high and huge laughs to savour. So confident am I, if you don’t love it too I will eat my tiny new red raffia hat.

To celebrate (and because I am SO IMPATIENT WAITING) I thought I’d share with you some of the original drawings, one each day.

There is no colour here, no cosy red – toasty enough to warm your hands on – and no what is labeled ‘tapir grey’ in my pencil-case. But it’s in the early stages that I put my invention, heart and soul into creating the illustrations, so pull up a chair next to my drawing board and take a look!

In Tapir All at Sea there are new friends to meet…