Tapir All at Sea



So here it is – Merry Christmas!

Except it isn’t a Christmas book, I must impatiently wait until next March, but my first copy has just arrived which felt a lot like an early present, and couldn’t you just warm your hands on that festive red?

A further rummage in our Christmas stockings and we found we were given the BEST kind of gifts, from @fionanoblebooks and @NicoletteJones.

Fiona included us in her Bookseller picks for March…


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and Nicolette gave us this lovely review in the Sunday Times for the first book in the series, The Not-a-Pig.




Young fiction at it’s finest… lesson in tolerance and joie de vivre…
we are so lucky and chuffed to bits to have such kind pals.


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You can have a borrow of Bambang’s sailor’s hat anytime.