and linocut stationery heaven!



What a perfect way to end Stationery Week…

with a @damyantipatel linocut original hand-decorated with bespoke neon pink and glittery blue, AND a 5 out of 5 review for Dixie Up Up and Away from her son Bryn!




Although maybe not everyone is quite as creative or inventive as Damyanti, isn’t this a masterclass in how to encourage children to review books?
This book is about… a balloon ride being chased by an ebullient peskying lady
This book made me… feel excited like I was in a different dimension

He has a wonderful turn of phrase.

I love that both mother and son have drawn beautiful birds. And how good to have a book review badge!

I am VERY ebullient to recieve this review, and I know that Mum will be too.