and a petition against parades…



This week I’m cracking on with book two of the young fiction series I am collaborating in with Polly Faber.
We do so love our authors, as I talked about the other day: delivering thrilling, inspiring tales to our drawing boards and tickling the imagination’s tastebuds.

They put us through our paces, though, don’t they?
Today I am wrestling with a vintage ocean liner. I’ve never drawn one before. I hope it turns out okay.
It sort of reminds me of the Hotel Spendide in Dixie and the Great Diamond Robbery…




which is odd because it’s building not a boat. Maybe it’s all those windows, or the glamorous thirties feel.
But that is – literally – another story.

This series has lots of challenging new things to draw, health which is good for me and makes me strong. I do keep a list, though, of unacceptable things I never EVER want to see pop up in a manuscript:

‘From the top of the hill they could clearly see a Civil War reenactment taking place, with vast crowds of participants complete with historically accurate clothing and weaponry.’

‘What, in here? Why, this hanger contains my huge collection of vintage agricultural machinery!’

‘Hundreds of unique ornamental spoons…’
(suggested by Martha – so mean!)

And the very trickiest single word to illustrate:
So please sign my petition to prevent my authors from ever giving me any of those.

This week I also drew a small dog running. I know where I am with that.