it’s National Stationery Week



This week, from April 27th to May 3rd, we have licence – no, obligation – to treat ourselves to new pens, notebooks and any little related delicacy that takes our fancy.
The theme this year is getting children especially to put pen to paper and send more letters and cards. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

I never need to be asked twice – or even at all – to show My Things.
New on my desk are Letraset markers in appetising – but not too many – colours.
(but is this art materials, rather than stationery? it’s a grey area, Warm Grey Number Three I think…)

I do love a nice roll or two of washi tape,




my reassuring elderly pencil cases,




and a VERY fine pigment liner (this is Staedtler 0.05) for the tiniest writing, like the labelling on the Dixie maps…




But here’s the thing.
I also know that I get most acquisitive, or dissatisfied with what I have (‘this story will NEVER be any good unless I have a notebook with a slightly different shade of white, and post-it notes in Farrow and Ball colours!’) if I’m feeling a bit stuck.
If my book is swimming along nicely and work is going well, any pen to hand will do and all I really need is a plain black notebook.




So I’m trying to rein it in a bit, and only buy utilitarian, sensible things.
Although when just now I found this little red box at the back of my desk,




and inside a tiny paw-print stamp,




I realise I might be a hopeless case.