my best bits…



It’s been a very busy whistle-stop tour of schools and events.
A huge special thank you to the Highgate Scientific and Literary Institute, Lucy from Brilliant Monsters, Muswell Hill Bookshop and Tales On Moon Lane for the warmest of welcomes and for looking after me so beautifully.

We’ve been designing more marvellous motors in a Dixie style.
The detailing has been delightful – check out this parasol trim!




I savoured the wonderful concentration that children have when utterly absorbed in their work.




I loved this car made out of a huge bar of chocolate, and observing the painstaking care with which the neighbouring child copied her spelling of ‘mobile’.




More copying was going on further down the table. Some of the boys were pricing up their vehicles, competing to add the most rows of noughts. ‘It’s a trillion trillion trillion pounds – times itself!’ One unexpectedly added ‘but free online’, and then they all did.

(what a bargain! what fool would pay a trillion trillion trillion pounds in the shop when it’s free online?)

A little girl presented me with this masterpiece to take home,




but her teacher urged her to keep it. ‘But I love Miss Clara – she’s makes us fun!’ she said, and tried to give me her precious plastic Frozen ring instead (though sadly I felt it best to decline that as well).

I was extremely touched. These fantastic children make me fun too.