How I love drawing the maps in the Dixie O’Day books. I imagine the reader following the drama as it unfolds, tracing the routes with a small finger – the reckless shortcuts in The Fast Lane, the cliff path down to choppy seas from the Hotel Splendide in The Great Diamond Robbery…
a map gives a story another layer of verisimilitude – it really happened, it happened here!
It satisfies the young reader in me, too. I studied the map in Winnie The Pooh so carefully, knowing every bush and footstep…




and as for Millie Molly Mandy, I wonder if anyone else walked countless times in their imagination along that lane from The Nice White Cottage, past The Blacksmith’s Forge, to buy a penny-worth of aniseed balls from Miss Muggins’ Shop?




This week I am drawing the maps for the fourth Dixie book. And not only that, I am working out how ALL the maps fit together, creating the greater Dixie world.
It is making my brain go quite squiggly and involves a lot of rubbing out, but I think it is really worth it.

To Didsworth – and beyond!




If you have a favourite map from a children’s book you’d like to share, I would love to hear.