Our pre-Christmas treat, to spend a few days in our favourite city.
I truly cannot recommend it enough. The atmosphere is civilised and progressive, the people we met urbane and interesting.

There’s a huge amount of history – Third Reich and Cold War especially – to see and learn about, and challenging contemporary art in concrete bunkers behind front doors like this one…




(Things you CAN do in an intense digital art exhibition: stroke your goatee and nod sagely. Things you CANNOT say: you can get those in Maplins)

Cheeringly Berlin is also home to the Trabant, East German classic car. The picture above shows me seriously deciding whether to buy one.

In the end here is the one I bought.




And if this were not enough, the cafes in Berlin understand that you might want a cold beer and a rice pudding AT THE SAME TIME.




I’d like to see more European cities and in truth haven’t visited many.
Do you have any recommendations?