have NEWS to tell!

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All this year I’ve had a secret under my hat, and at last I can share it.
Author Polly Faber and I dreamt up an idea for a story together, for her to write and me to illustrate, over breakfast on the South Bank. All the best ideas arrive with pastries.
It was one of those creative moments that give you the funny tingly feeling that something extraordinary is happening.

Walker Books snapped it up. So, as anyone who follows the bear will know, it is a thing of great beauty. It will be a series of young fiction books, with the first one published next June. It’s Polly’s first book; I am honoured to be her first illustrator. She is funny, inventive and wise, and writes with immense charm and warmth.

Our research has been an adventure in itself.
More, as they say, on that story later.


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