The competition, with Random House Children’s Books and World Book Day, to create a new character for a Dixie O’Day story has ended and the winners have been chosen. Mum and I had a wonderful day studying the huge pile of entries – but oh it was such AGONY to make the final selection!

Here are a few of the very best gems.




A masterpiece by youngest artists Amber and Eden from their ‘early period’…




a self-portrait by lovely Pippa with the sparkly blue eyes…




and the very fetching Doris, penned by Pippa’s dad Glenn (is that Dixie’s number she’s calling, or Percy’s?).




Ah yes, we loved this one – fiendish Francois by Ben Williams.

And onto the runners up…

here is Toby’s picture to represent Irchester Community Primary School who send a whole lot of pictures and win for their school…




Can transform into a sofa! Doesn’t know anything! I think we all have days like this.




Ayesha Shine the helpful dragon, the brilliant and inventive creation of Bryn – just see the amazing details.




Deegal, Zap and Spat the cat (‘spits at his enemy and has one black tooth’) by exceedingly clever young artist Lucy (we loved the decorative lettering).


And finally our winner,




Louie the lemur and his tow truck to help Dixie, by Brendan aged just five. It has panache, vitality and tons of personality, AND all in the Dixie colour scheme too.

Here is Brendan, looking pleased with his prize, but I hope with himself most of all.