BEEP BEEP! a bunny blog tour round-up


A HUGE thank you to all our very kind and lovely pals this week…
Martha Monty and Pip packed up the campervan and headed out for a whistle-stop week of visits. They were given the most beautiful welcome everywhere they went!

They visited Read It Daddy,
Smiling Like Sunshine,
The Book Sniffer,
Child Led Chaos,
Making It Up,
Mini Bookworms,
and popped up at The Little Wooden Horse too.

At the wheel and handing out the travel sweets were @vickiberwick and @NicolaCarthy, expert map-reading by @HarperCollinsCh.

This week has made this big ol’ bunny mum VERY happy indeed.
I would most certainly share my deckchair with all of you.