Bluebell’s felt bunnies hop on board


First I make paper templates and pin them onto soft white felt and cut them out.
I sew back and front together only halfway then stick on ears and noses and sew on faces,



pop a bit of stuffing inside and sew them up completely.
I am ridiculously pleased with the bend at the top of the leg (in fact just a straight row of stitches across) so that they can stand OR SIT.



(just standing about on the beach might good enough for Antony Gormley but it isn’t good enough for the bunnies who need to put their feet up every now and again)



For Martha’s tankini I had some of the exact fabric I used in the book, but had to improvise for Monty and Pip – though I think Monty would approve of rockets?



And finally here they are, relaxing in their new deck chairs!



A special huge thank you to @ChildLedChaos and @librarymice for the fabulous ribbon they so kindly sent to me – beach huts! camper vans! It has been waiting for the perfect moment, and now they have been transformed into the bunnies’ picnic rug.



Hop back tomorrow, when it’s all about the lollies and ice creams – OF COURSE.