a two pink wafer day!


A fine and thrilling stash of books arrived this morning, something to savour and celebrate.
First of all some of the foreign editions of Dixie O’Day in the Fast Lane – Turkish, American, French, Dutch…

Please meet Digby O’Day from Candlewick in the US,



Léon Klaxon from Gallimard in France (what a FANTASTIC name – Percy is Velentin and Lou Ella is Roasabella),



and Dutch Dixie’s dinky little pal Dinky!



There was much delight for Mum and I when we studied the translated maps –
the Didsworth to Dodsworth all day race is now from Crépy to Crépon, Hierloo to Daarloo…




And please do come back soon to see that delicious golden yellow book revealed.
Pink wafers all round!