Thank you to everybody who joined in with my plea for badge ideas for the Didsworth Forest Folk Fellowship, for when Dixie and Percy were small,
especially @josiecreates, @JuliaLeeAuthor, @Pollylwh, @GrannyWinnie, @chaletfan, @RachelClowes and @MsTick68.

What with:
singeing sausages over an open fire of pathetically thin twigs,
toasting marshmallows on sticks,
cooking eggs on a safety pin and string,
singing ging gang goolie and Kum By Yah,
napkin shape making,
cupcake baking,
biscuit eating,
cravat wearing,
cake sprinkle sorting,
picnic hamper packing,
and being REALLY USEFUL…

I think I am spoilt for choice!

I also now know the difference between a woggle and a toggle.

And the final honour, that of being the Didsworth Forest Folk Fellowship Sixer, goes to @Celialikesbooks.
Because she was once a REAL sixer, and because she owned orange tartan shorts and matching waistcoat, which, while it may not be the official uniform, would certainly be fairly electrifying in Didsworth.