This Friday, in amongst the heart-shaped tat and pink-flavoured perishables, is some proper treasure, a lasting treat.

It’s International Book-Giving Day, our chance to put a book into the small hands of a child.
It could be someone you know, or a school library, or a nursery. It could be somewhere where children have to be and would rather not, and maybe anxious, like a hospital or doctors’ waiting room.

I’m giving a stash of books to The Rainbow Library, the fantastic creation of @CarmenHaselup. You can read about why I chose this in The Guardian here, and there’s an update on how Team Rainbow is growing from strength to strength here.

Another MUST SEE: @Pollylwh has been busy making a little free library outside her house… isn’t it wonderful? I am sorely tempted to secretly move in (I’m sure she has a good shed with a handy father-in-law like that) and use the library every day.

So say hello to @bookgivingday, and pop over the the Bookgiving site to pick up your bookplates and get inspired to spread the book-giving love!