spoilt for choice!


TOOT TOOT and a massive thank you to the many kind pals who responded to my head-scratching and pencil chewing conundrum, wondering what new car Lou Ella would drive next
There must be lots of Dixies and lots of Lou Ellas out there, because the suggestions were FANTASTIC. There were also a handful of cars that had actually been owned in the past, I wonder if you can spot these real old friends.
So, courtesy of @Readitdaddy @mybookcorner @HoltHarlequin56 @josiecreates
@mooseandmouse @Bridgeanne @Taurean_Watkins
@RachelClowes @charliehacking & @rachelgimbert –
I bring you this gallery of deliciousness!















Lou Ella will now be test-driving these at full speed – jump into the nearest hedge to get out of the way, Dixie!