Grab your ginger beer and jammy dodgers – behind the 12th window of the Dixie Advent Calendar it’s our very own Dixie O’Day in The Fast Lane trailer!

When Mum and I first saw this we wore away a little hole in the screen from demanding it ‘Again! AGAIN!’ Made by the super talented @laurencebeck and @rachelgimbert, and starring @josiecreates‘ model of course,  it catches the retro flavour and jauntiness modafinil smart just perfectly. And with the sensational music it feels less Ealing, more 1960’s Monte Carlo. I am half expecting Brigitte Bardot to jump into the front seat with them…

When Laurence hinted at what he had in mind for maybe making another to celebrate Dixie O’Day and The Great Diamond Robbery I had to do some deep breathing to calm down.

Super stars of Team Dixie strike again!