open for business!


After my call out on twitter for the oddities on your toy shelf – and a marvellously nostalgic conversation via Twinkle, the Brownies, lost dolls’ knickers and the definite slight creepiness of some toys – our museum is looking fabulous…
So drop by for a cuppa and scone in our virtual museum cafe and have a look!










A HUGE thank you to toy connoisseurs @RachelClowes, @Elli_fant, @JuliaLeeAuthor, @Keris, @kaywiddowson, @Bridgeanne, @mooseandmouse, @Pollylwh, @JosaYoung, @ABundleofBooks and @2dScrumptious, for pics and chat.

(these are TOP A List chatters so if you don’t follow them already I VERY much recommend…)

Still plenty of room for more strange toys – tweet a pic to @ClaraVulliamy!