It was very larksome this week, filling up Dixie’s new hamper – adding a new item each day and sharing the pictures on twitter. So many people joined in the fun.
What, I wondered aloud, might be in Dixie’s tiny thermos?
GIN! WHISKY! came the instant response, which made me snort with laughter, especially as it was about 7.30 on Monday morning. My pal @mooseandmouse sent me this, which I absolutely adore (to think – a real Colin West poem for Dixie and Percy, what a coup!):



The next day it was pizza (with the teeniest condiments)…



the next, cupcakes and a jar of Oreos for pudding…



and finally some chocolates, and some tiny sherbets brought all the way from Barcelona for the tweedy chaps by the very lovely and wonderfully kind @monsterscantalk…



– and they’re off, back on the road again and ready for more public appearances!



Thanks so much, to everyone who joined in with happy-making messages.
And a special huge thank you to @josiecreates, who made these amazing figures and car, and to @maybeswaby, who sent Mum and me a REAL hamper full of proper-sized goodies to sustain a hungry author and illustrator, and which gave me the idea.