Have you motored round to the new Dixie website yet? It’s as snazzy as a 1961 Ford Zodiac Convertible and as delicious as a cream tea.
Exclusive content: meet Dixie and Percy, AND Shirley and Clara, and hear all the news and latest info about events. There are lots of fun activities, perfect for the summer hols – lots more to come, bookmark it so you don’t miss anything!




Our smashing new window display at Waterstones Piccadilly! It looks absolutely stunning – Mum and I are pressing our noses to the screen in a state of utter joy, until we see it in real life. A great big dashing-Dixie-and-perfect-Percy hug to Iona, Rachel and Gary for putting it all together so brilliantly and creatively.
If you’re in town do make sure you see it too!

There are very cheering posts about Dixie O’Day in The Fast Lane being Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month here and here… I was especially pleased to read that the story offers the message of how rewarding teamwork can be. I haven’t heard it put like that before. Thank you, Florentyna!
And there’s a wonderful account here of a VERY special tea party…

Team Dixie isn’t just Dixie and Percy, or me and Mum:
it’s a huge crazy vehicle with side cars and a vintage caravan attached, packed chock-a-block with good friends all squashed in, on the roof rack, running alongside…
What TOP LARKS this is going to be!