Tomorrow – publication day for Dixie O’Day in The Fast Lane – I shall be spending the day with my Mum.
We have work to do, lots of it, in particular preparing for our event at Waterstones Piccadilly on August 21st. There will probably only be a handful of such events, so snap up a ticket while you can! She is a wonderful speaker – funny, sharp, captivating…

But I will make sure I take a moment to say how proud I am of her, how thrilled that this has happened to us, how happy-making it is to be working together.

With a new Shirley Hughes book being created all the time – one always on her desk, one in hand with her publisher, one in a thought bubble above her head – I can truly say (and what a remarkable thing to say of someone aged 86!) that I believe her best work to be still ahead of her.

If there’s any Prosecco left over from The Dixie-BookSniffer jaunt, I think we might just have a drop.