the truth


People mostly fib about their workplaces.
I should know, I’ve done it myself plenty of times.
When asked for a photograph, writers and illustrators hastily clear away the tat and old coffee cups and artfully arrange the tools of their trade into a seemingly natural, carefree scene.

I thought perhaps I’d be brave and show you not what’s ON my desk but what’s BEHIND it. You will see that:
my reading material is not especially intellectual;
I don’t wash my paints out promptly;
I sometimes use children’s art materials;
my deer’s head needs hanging:
I have a bit of A Thing about patterned tape;
I have 10 metres of campervan ribbon and I now can’t remember why;
it’s no wonder I can never find my glasses if their case now houses lots of small rubber animals and, yes, crawling babies.

Now I’ve done it, would you consider doing it too?
Tweet me a pic of your desk, workplace, kitchen table AS IT REALLY IS and we can make an Honesty Gallery!