The engine is running, the excited passengers have jumped into their seats…
a TOOT TOOT of the horn and a flash of the button-headlights –
and they’re off!
I’m sure Josie has packed them some tiny sandwiches and filled up the tank with a tiny drop of petrol before sending them on their merry way up to London to lucky, lucky me.

What a talented person she is, and what an amazing job she has done.
Do call by to see the last of her posts describing the work-in-progess with some extra fab pics, and why not leave her a comment?

Meanwhile I am setting up camp on the doorstep, waiting for the chaps to motor around the corner to their new home. They will just have time to put their feet up with a cuppa, before coming on tour with me and my Mum to celebrate publication of Dixie O’Day in the Fast Lane!