a round-up of the I Heart Bedtime blog tour


Martha Monty and Pip are back home again now after the BEST WEEK OF THEIR LIVES.
I’ve unpacked their sleepover bags and put away their untouched piles of clean underwear.
They have been welcomed so warmly by friends large and small. I have to say, I was bowled over and amazed and wore the hugest smile day and night.

THANK YOU @Netmums for hosting this truly hilarious competition about children’s awesome bedtime delaying tactics (I would LOVE to meet the 2 year old who has to stay up to ‘get the party started’!)…

THANK YOU @liveotherwise for giving the bunnies this lovely review; I found the different ages sharing the story in this picture especially touching:



THANK YOU @missingsleep for sharing the bedtime routines in her home – Karen and I have had lots of conversations about being tired parents over the months: just look at this brilliant pic – not looking very sleepy yet!



THANK YOU @librarymice for this kind review, and for creating this enchanting scene – mini-books for toys, what an extremely brilliant idea:



THANK YOU to my kindred sunny-side-up spirit @smilinglikesuns for her lovely review – and just look at one of the gorgeous bunny finger puppets she made!



THANK YOU @childledchaos for inviting the bunnies over to stay not once but twice – with such a thoughtful and fabulous review and also a crafty post showcasing her quite frankly sensational bunny-sewing…



THANK YOU @maybeswabey for asking Martha to bring her crayons as well as her pj’s when visiting the delicious Booksniffer residence and to DRAW the answers in this interview (I’d like ‘tuttifruity-fabulous’ to be written on my gravestone please Emma!):



THANK YOU @TashaGoddard for making and sharing this fantastic video – an epic saga of reading aloud, acting-out, comings and goings and joinings-in (all with an authentic hand-held camera feel) just like life in the bunny household; I love it!

THANK YOU @MammasaurusBlog for sharing Martha’s great pal Kitty Bluebell’s bedtime – I know those tired schooldays bedtimes so well, and isn’t this a really lovely illustration too?:



THANK YOU @ReadItDaddy for making the bunnies so welcome with this oh-so-lovely review, a fun competition and an absolutely BRILLIANT Q & A with young Charlotte and her Dad (‘my favourite Disney Princess’ was the most fiendishly difficult question to answer I think I’ve ever been asked! Here is the mini-Martha-in-a-matchbox I made as the prize:



And what a finale – THANK YOU @Pollylwh for this gloriously *toasty warm* review. I love the theme of the same but different, and the funny bath-time hairstyles, and I defy anyone not to fall in love with this rendition of The Bedtime Bunnies Song.



You are ALL the most delectable sugar fancies on the top tier of the Sunny-Side-Up cake stand, and I consider myself very very lucky indeed to have such