a treat for you from me, made with love


I’ve been hopping with impatience to share this with you, and AT LAST I can!
In Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart Bedtime,  Martha sings the Bedtime Bunnies Song to Monty and Pip. And with only a few days to go until publication – yippee! – you can download it and join in.

You’ll find it on the homepage sidebar. There’s also a little film with me showing my homemade musical instrument. The song is sung for you by my own lovely Martha: my Martha and bunny-Martha have a lot in common, sharing a lot of the same DNA and both being sunshiny heaven-on-a-stick, so I’m sure you’ll agree she does a very perfect job.



So why not order your copy, get into your snuggliest pj’s and sing the Bedtime Bunnies Song with us!