– and I’m on board with The Rainbow Library!


International Book Giving Day, a special day – sharing the booky-love!
The best part of it, for me, is to put a book straight into the hands of a young person who hasn’t in the usual run of things got access to many lovely books. I’m very proud to be involved with Book Aid International, doing amazing work in Africa.
But I woke up this morning feeling really stumped for good ideas about what to do closer to home.

Little did I know that the Rainbow Book Fairy had visited me in the night! In the form of the highly fabulous Carmen Haselup (if you don’t know her yet – do follow her) and her blog post to launch her very brilliant project The Rainbow Library. Note the long term commitment and thought that’s gone into it. Inspiring, eloquent stuff.



So that’s where I’m sending my books today.
She said she’d like a badge, but I think she deserves a rosette AT THE VERY LEAST, so I made her one.
Just one question…



can Martha be a Rainbow Book Fairy too?