koumpounophobics – look away now!


The humble button: THE defining object of my year.
Have you got a minute? (because no one’s particularly busy around this time of year, of course) – I would love to introduce you…

From left to right:
button boxes for workshops, greats piles of ’em, lovingly examined and crafted with by many children in many different places;
Libertys’ buttons, which I chose on my birthday while my husband patiently waited – what a kind man;
rabbit button, given to me by my agent Hilary (note I say MY – I don’t like to think of her talking to anyone else);
just some of the many beautiful buttons given to me by my great pal Anne-Marie;
ceramic buttons – exquisite, but can they go in the wash??
felt buttons – how intriguing!
objects waiting to be made into buttons (if I had battenberg buttons my life would be complete);
and my button handbag, the only inanimate object I’d rush back into a burning building for.