written by Shirley Hughes, illustrated by me!



I have been beside myself with impatience to share this news, and had to resort to small squeakings when no one could hear…
but now the secret is out!
It’s been on the cards for, oh, YEARS that me and Mum would collaborate. And now – at last – we’ve teamed up.
She has written the most exciting, funniest, sensational series of stories, which are chapter books for young independent readers, all about the adventures of Dixie O’Day and his great friend Percy.
The series is published by Random House Children’s Publishers, and the first book, Dixie O’Day in the Fast Lane, is out in September 2013.

There’s lots to tell.
There are thrilling car chases, dastardly villains, maps, haunted houses, ice-cream sundaes…




(think Tintin meets Wacky Races meet Morecombe & Wise),

and a couple of unlikely heroes I think you’ll love…



but also there’s just me and my Mum, sitting at the kitchen table, working on story lines, reading bits aloud, making each other laugh.

Toot toot!