To celebrate the paperback publication of Lucky Wish Mouse Starting School, published by Orchard Books, I shall be giving away some copies of the book with a special little mouse hand-drawn by me inside. It’s a competition especially for your Tinies to enter!

In this story ALMOST all the Tinies are hugely looking forward to starting school…



except the twin Tinies, who are feeling anxious.



But of course as soon as Lucky Wish Mouse has encouraged them with a few cheerful words, and they arrive in their lovely new school (in this miniature world, the school is inside a pencil tin)…



they are a happy as can be.
I do love a book with a sweet, reassuring message and an enormous amount of detail to pour over.



And as anyone who knows me won’t need reminding, I’m also slightly mad about teeny tiny things.



Oh, I got distracted!

The competition!
Calling all small people!

Here are the twin Tinies imagining their worst fear, being lost in a sea of mice!



How many mice are there in this picture?
(I know because I counted them as I drew them, like a HUGE class register…)

The children who guess closet will win!