I’m a born and bred Londoner, so it’s been an extra-good month to puff up a little with pride to see London having a bit of A Moment.

I’ve liked being a tourist in my own city.

I tried and failed to catch much of a glimpse of the Olympic torch going past on The Thames,



but was just as happy to see a flotilla of ducks instead…



I waited for the women-cyclists to go past at the end of my street,



but was distracted at the last moment by a dog on the other side of the road.



I watched table tennis at Excel,



but forgot my glasses so actually couldn’t see the ball at all.

I loved the cable car over the river (fairground ride AND transport rolled into one, all for an ordinary train fare!)




and puzzled over where exactly IS Zone 9…



but oh dear, sorry! I didn’t take very good photos.