We were a little bit rabbit and little bit pug yesterday, as me and my old friend Emma AKA The Book Sniffer went on a marvellous trip to Bocketts Farm, near Leatherhead.
We’re finding it ever more tempting to pop a little somebody into our handbags or under our hats when we leave.
These are some the contenders…










It’s such a great place for a visit, and it’s THE season too, with lots of babies to see.
And how I am meant to walk past something like this??



Most irresistible by far was a very small chap that Emma brought along. I think she might have noticed if I’d done a runner with him, though.
And when I was heading home I found in the passenger seat a goody-bag of gifts just for lucky me:



Yes, that IS gin & tonic soap.
Thank you Emma for a lovely lovely day!



Are you going somewhere nice this weekend? Do share any top tips!