saying goodbye to a book – and hello to a new one



This week I handed in the last piece of artwork for Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart Bedtime, second in the Martha and the Bunny Brothers series. I’ve been living this story for so long (you may even remember us discussing the bedtime-evading tactics our own little bunnies use – funny and infuriating! you can read it here and an early post here too).

Now my storybook bunnies are happily tucked up AT LAST.



It’s been such a happy time, working on this book, and I came away with an empty portfolio and a bit of an empty feeling. I sort of sloped about in my studio, clearing away.


The only cure I know of that always always works is A NEW BOOK.

This week I have been secretly talking in a little huddle with some very exciting and outrageously talented people. Our first meeting involved looking at classic 1950’s designs and eating the most delicious blueberry and yoghurt cake.



I began to recover INSTANTLY.