just in time for elves and fairies day!


Dolls houses, fairies – it’s all about the teeny tiny world…


Following on from my dolls house post there was a delicious twitter-chat about dolls houses,



dolls house food,



and Tom Thumb, Hunca Munca and the plaster boiled ham, from the jewel of dolls house stories The Tale of Two Bad Mice by (we all agreed, the brilliant but slightly spooky) Beatrix Potter.



I remembered my love of secrets-in-a-matchbox that I’d posted about here.


And tomorrow Playing by the book is beginning it’s series ‘I’m looking for a book about…’ – first off gathering up stories about elves and fairies. Do call by at @Pollylwh‘s thelittlewoodenhorse for a true connoisseur’s fairy finds (and handmade fairy endpapers I’d do anything to own…), and Child-Led Chaos who actually has fairies – I can SEE them!

So –

clap your hands if you believe!