This week, an army of very committed and fired-up bloggers across the country are coming together to raise awareness and funds in support of Save The Children’s Build it for Babies campaign. The campaign aims to raise one million pounds to build and equip seven life saving health clinics in Bangladesh, providing essential care for babies and their mums.

At the Save The Children Blogger Conference a fortnight ago, we learned about the devastating effects of infant mortality, maternal deaths and malnutrition, but instead of feeling powerless and defeated we heard a lot of hugely hopeful, inspiring stuff about what can be done to really make a difference.

Do call in at the Blog it for Babies site – it’s full of ideas of getting involved and making a difference, however small: very positive and up-beat, not at all gloomy or guilt-trippy.

Here at Sunny Side Up we do a lot of celebrating our children, their happiness and playing and reading, so what better way to say thank you for our wonderful good fortune that doing something special for this campaign.

I’m going to buy a DELIVERY KIT, a complete set of equipment for delivering babies safely, and a BABY RESUSCITATION KIT, to deliver vital oxygen to babies born with breathing difficulties.

Instead of feeling sad I will imagine us sending a little bit of Sunny Side Up love out there.