Martha from Martha and the Bunny Brothers drawn live on the iPad at The Apple Store Covent Garden, using Brushes; music is The Crush by Tim Delaughter from Thumbsucker soundtrack.

At my event, I drew Martha and she appeared on a huge screen behind me. Then I asked the children if they’d ever drawn on a iPad too. None of them had. Have a guess: slow learners, d’you think, or quick as a flash taking to it like ducks to water?








Stunning, aren’t they? Their little hands flew around the buttons as easily as anything, and they concentrated and worked away at their drawings until quite a while after it was time to leave. Especially good was the quick clean eraser, doing away with that horrible ‘oh no! I’ve made a mistake and I’ve RUINED it!’ feeling. I make a LOT of mistakes, so I know the feeling only too well.

It’s a very more-ish, very fun way to make a picture. Finger-painting, without the mucky paws.

A big thank you to Clare and her team at The Apple Store for our lovely welcome, and for the friendly encouragement given to the artists – young and old!