in praise of exciting parcels!




Over the last week or two I have sent out huge sackfuls of packages to the new Happy Bunny Club members. So huge the man in the post office would see me coming and try to close up but I was too quick for him. I had a great many lovely responses, which was really cheering! You can see one of the most recent, from Holly’s Blog, here.

What I DIDN’T expect was lots of incredibly thrilling post in return!
Just imagine my excitement to receive:



a signed copy of Claude at the Circus – essential reading on a daily basis – and a HANDMADE CARD from Alex T Smith
(the jealousy was palpable – I think I need a James Bond-style vault to keep it safe!)…



two knitted monsters from new lovely friend from Brilliant Monsters@monsterscantalk (and I can confirm they CAN: these two beauties, who I have named Geoffrey and Plum, sit on my desk and keep up a sparkling banter at all times)…



an amazing goody bag from hugely talented illustrator Chantal Marie Bourgonje, which included a delicious bath potion and stickers, but I must draw your particular attention to her gift cards which are really special (I LOVE the mental fog removal soap – who wouldn’t need a bit of that on occasion!)…

and just when we were all slightly flagging over here at Sunny (I use the term loosely with all this horrid rain) Side Up Towers, along came



an an emergency package of retro sweeties for my daughter (revising for exams, ugh) and some days-of-the-week tape for me from purveyor of all things yummy ChildLedChaos!

Thank you all so much! XX