and LOTS to celebrate!


I’ve just been looking at the pictures from my day at Queensbridge Primary School nursery class in Hackney, part of the BookLinks pop-Up Festival. The children were just so fantastic, it made me feel all cheered and hopeful.
I read a Muffin story and drew some pictures…



then everybody got busy with the glue and buttons and ribbons, decorating a Muffin of their own to take home. We finished off with reading Lucky Wish Mouse: Best Friends – and unexpectedly found ourselves pretending to play in The Tinies’ brass band. You’ve come across air-guitar of course – but have you not heard of air-cymbal, air-triangle, air-cake-wrapper-squeezebox? Well you have now!




The seriousness with which they show their handiwork is always very touching.

And a big THANK YOU to Sarah from @orchardbooks for supporting me!

There were so many other things going on in the Festival, all across the borough (I WISH I could have been small for a day and seen Emma Dodd in action! Was a false beard involved, Emma??)…

And there’s Zoe over at Playingbythebook working so hard to raise loads of money for Book Aid International
and Adam our fantastic FCGBChair heroically delivering books and inspiring students too…
and the BIG PUSH on libraries next week, on March 13th.



All for one thing: so that small people, whoever and wherever they are and whatever their circumstances, can get their noses stuck in a book. Not because it’s ‘good’ for them, like eating vegetables or brushing their teeth, but because it’s the start of a wonderful life-long love affair with reading.




And the strawberry on the top of the cream-cake of happiness came when Damyanti declared it World Bear Day in my honour! You should have seen the smile on my face. Check it out here!