After reading my good friend Anne-Marie’s 11 questions, 11 answers over at Childledchaos, I was very keen to join in.
The idea is to share 11 things about yourself, to answer the 11 questions asked by the previous person, and in turn to ask 11 more.
So – here goes!


11 things about me

1. Most days I’m on my own for hours on end – which I love.

2. I can’t work our DVD player, and have to pretend to be very busy while actually waiting for someone else to put it on.

3. In my head I go back over conversations in which I didn’t manage to say what I wanted to say, but THIS time I am brilliant, witty and devastating.

4. At the moment, my favourite animal is a pygmy goat.

5. When I was small I had short hair but wished it was long, so I wore tights on my head and pretended they were two long tresses.

6. I’m a careful driver, and if someone is impatiently tooting their horn to hurry me I take huge pleasure in annoying them by going even slower.

7. My favourite colour is duck egg blue.

8. My favourite weather is sunny but cold.

9. I’m not a great fan of self-denial and feel that everyone should have treats pretty much all the time.

10. I need two pairs of glasses: one for close work and one for every thing else. Sometimes I wear them on a cord around my neck. It’s bad enough being ‘four eyes’, but now I’m ‘six eyes’.

11. I love chocolates aimed at children, like Milky Bars and Crunchies, but posh chocs not at all.

11 answers for the questions asked by Childledchaos

1. If there were no constraints, what education would you want your children to have?

Normal – if there’s any such thing! But if there was one change I’d make to the schools that I come across: I’d like to see more time to play, to daydream, to mooch around… there’s too much structure in the average school day I think.

2. Again no constraints, which organisation would you be most likely to volunteer for?

Years ago I set up an art club for homeless people, so it would probably be something like that.

3. What’s your favourite genre of book to read, for yourself? For your children?

Terrible confession – I’m not a big reader! If I do, it’s something contemporary and probably funny. For my children, I’m not a huge fan of mushy sentimentalism, or gloomy realism… again, actually, I rate the funnies very highly indeed.

4. At what age would you consider ‘letting’ your child have a tattoo or piercing, if at all?

I’m a bit of an old Victorian here…
Ears: 14.
Piercings NOT IN EARS and tattoos: over my dead body!!

5. Where in the world do you want to live?

Right here, because in my imagination I can go all around the world in my pyjamas and still be back in time for breakfast….

6. Where in the world are you?

Still here!

7. You’ve got 30 minutes all to yourself: no children, no housework. What are you doing?

I am reorganizing my button box.

8. Who are your five favourite children’s illustrators right now?

Shirley Hughes, Charlotte Voake, James Mayhew, David Melling, Alexis Deacon.

9. Did you have a favourite soft toy as a child? What was it called?

I had a grubby, shapeless lamb called Love-a-dees, who was then reinvented by my Mum as Annie Rose’s toy lamb in the Alfie stories.

10. Montessori or Steiner?

Don’t know enough about either to say, so I’ll have to stick with neither.

11. Favourite cake?

Ooh, tricky! So many to chose from…
Vanilla sponge with whipped cream and raspberries, I think. A slice, anyone??


11 questions for you…

1.Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

2.What is your favourite colour?

3. What lovely thing you would like to overhear someone saying about you?

3. Classical music – do you like it, or are you just pretending?

4. Cats or dogs?

5. What’s your perfect night in?

6. Are you squeamish – and if so what about?

7. Cautious, or ‘what the heck, let’s go for it!’ ?

8. Camping or luxury hotels?

9. ‘real’ books, or on screen?

10. Weep at happy endings?

11. Singing in public: a chance to show off, or horribly embarrassing?


I’d LOVE to hear your answers! Link in, or get in touch here – I’ll be looking forward to reading! 11 things about you, 11 answers, 11 new questions for the next person…