for small cubs to make and give to their big bear mums and dads!

you will need:

  • felt in assorted colours, including black and red
  • a piece of ribbon, about 15cm in length
  • PVA glue
  • a black felt pen
  • a pinch of stuffing or cotton wool
  • pins



Download and print out the template – FeltBearTemplate.jpg. Cut out the pieces, pin onto the felt, and cut carefully around the shapes (parental help needed here). You should have one front, one back, two ears and one nose for each bear – and they have one heart to share!



Start with the big bear. Glue around the edge of one body piece, sticking the ears just inside. Add a tiny pinch of stuffing in the tummy (tip: only a VERY tiny pinch or you’ll never get it all closed up!).



Loop your piece of ribbon then glue it into place (with a dollop behind, in the middle and at the front of the loop). Then press the front body piece gently into place. Keep pressing around the edges while it begins to dry.



Do the same with your little bear, with an even tinier pinch of stuffing – but no ribbon this time.



Put glue over half the back of the little bear.



Place the little bear snuggling up to the big bear. Stick down the red heart at a jaunty angle, add the black felt noses and draw on the eyes with pen.


What lucky person will you be giving yours to???