Southbank London, Saturday February 11th at 1pm



I’m taking part in The Imagine Children’s Festival, in the Imagine Craft Pavilion (listed under free events), this Saturday at 1pm. It would be brilliant to see you there!


We will be making secrets-in-matchboxes – so I won’t give too much away right now – because where’s the fun in that?

Buttons are from The Button Company,



ribbons are from Craft Fairy and V V Rouleaux

but the creative genius is provided by the children of course!

So now I’m packing up my crafty boxes with piles and piles of lovely things. I have too much stuff, I want to bring only the BEST. It’s quite a dilemma.
So first…


there’s the selection process. It’s a tough, brutal job.



Some buttons are IN…



and some buttons just don’t cut the mustard. They’re OUT.