a message from Muffin and me



A Big Bear Hug and THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our competition today! Never done anything like that before – and it was so much fun.

And a huge reminder, if one was ever needed, of how much we do all just LOVE children’s books. And bears. Reading the entries gave me a very warm bear-y feeling inside.

I’ve pulled the lucky winning name out of the hat, to receive the picture of Muffin, and will get in touch via email. Exciting! I won’t let on just yet who it is.


I’ve never been too fond of the idea of losing. As you’re all such a lovely lot, I have a little special something for each and everybody. It will take a few days to sort out, so bear (ho ho) with me.

And the most voted-for bear, fighting off a very tough challenge from Pooh Bear, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, Otto, Rupert, The Bear Under The Stairs, Hugless Douglas and a positive bonanza of others, is…